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                                                                      Click it or Ticket.



                                                Massachusetts is Serious About Saving Lives.






 It has been well-documented that safety belts help reduce the risk of serious injury or death in the event of a motor vehicle crash. Drivers and passengers increase their risk of injury or death by up to 50% when not wearing safety belts. In 2009, Massachusetts recorded 347 fatalities and 3,193 serious injuries related to motor vehicle crashes on the roadway of the Commonwealth. This was a marked decrease from the 364 fatalities and 3,983 serious injuries reported in 2008.



Throuh federal highway safety grant funding, the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security's Highway Safety Division has been successfully implementing the annual "Click It or Ticket" initiative since 2002. Over the past 7 years, Click It or Ticket initiatives have helped increase safety belt usage in Massachusetts from 51% in 2002 to 74% in 2009. During the same period, fatalities involving non-restrained (belted) vehicle occupants dropped significantly from 57% of crash fatalities to 23%.


Massachusetts law requires all occupants to be properly restrained by safety belts when riding in a private passenger motor vehicle, including vans and trucks. Learn more about the Massachusetts Safety Belt Law as well as the Massachusetts Child Passenger Safety Law.





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